What we do

We are a Digital Agency specialising in Marketing Technologies. Using cloud solutions such as ESP, DMP and Analytical platforms, we help our clients leverage their data across multiple activation channels.

Campaign Management

We can build and execute your marketing campaigns across multiple channels, Email, SMS, PUSH and Paid Media. We can do this through your existing platforms or help you source new ones. All to your exacting requirements.

Data driven marketing

Data insights are critical to staying on top in today's market. Using analytical software, we can help you aggregate information from multiple sources within your business, such as Web, Email and Call Centres. Understanding these insights will give you an advantage over the competition and help identify major cost savings.

Creative Design

We offer deisgn services to complement our campaign management. So, whether you are looking for amazing visuals to support your email campaigns or attention grabbing banners for paid media, we are here to help.


In digital Marketing, the key to converting customers is creating a well defined customer journey. We can help you analyse this view across multiple channels from insight to activation and advise on how best to achieve the goals set out in your company roadmap.


We have considerable knowledge of the Financial vertical, having worked with clients such as Lloyds, Virgin Money and Standard Life to name a few. If you're a business that needs help pitching to an FS client or are a Bank or Insurance company, looking for an agnostic review of vendors for your Martech stack, we have the expertise to help.

Employee Advocacy

CodeParty is the UK partner for Sociuu. An Employee Advocacy platform that gives you complete control over how your employees promote your business via their social networks. Easily distribute content, engage with employee networks and measure the success of your campaigns in real-time. All through an easy to use interface. Just get in touch if you would like to know more or arrange a demo.

How we do it

Below are just some of the software, coding languages, platforms and version controls that we use in our services. We can also accomodate any bespoke requirements you have. So please feel free to get in touch and tell us about your marketing needs.

Who We Work with

Check out some of our clients and how we work with them.

Choose a service

Having worked with a list of well known clients, we are aware of the pitfalls you currently face.

The challenge

Programmatic and data driven advertising is rapidly becoming the norm. As a result, clients are looking for higher efficiencies from their digital agencies, and expect those efficiencies to be passed on to them.

Often, these only come from significant commitments to yet more software, and paying licenses for yet another technology stack, which further eat into profit margins.

The Solution

Agencies that succeed in providing greater efficiencies for their clients are retaining more, and winning more business. CodeParty is exactly that type of agency.

We offer a number of services, tailored specifically to your business. These are designed to keep you competitive and help make you more efficienct in managing your marketing budget through strategy and technology choices.

Most popular services

Below are the most requested solutions we offer.


Email, SMS and PUSH Campaign Management

Implement your Digital Marketing strategy across mutiple channels.

Choose from Ad Hoc services to manage a single campaign or a fully automated marketing solution to handle all your customer communications.



Email Service Provider sourcing and setup

Find and compare the best ESP to suit your business needs.

Full, agnostic selection and onboarding service available, so you can start sending your marketing campaigns quickly and easily.



Ad server setup and campaign management

Activate the Paid Media channel and optimise your budget.

Full campaign management in Google DoubleClick or your preferred Ad server platform. Creative banner design in HTML5 also available.



Brand awareness through employee advocacy

Leverage your employee's social behaviour to the benefit of your brand.

Demo, Trial and onboarding of the Sociuu platform. Supercharge your company's campaigns across multiple social networks.


Get in touch

If you like what you see, and would like to discuss your Martech needs... then feel free to contact us.
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